What Clients are Saying

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Analyn. I am beyond thankful that I had her by my side when I needed her after having my son. Breastfeeding came with a lot of issues and learning curves, curves you don’t expect. She was there with open arms to make sure I knew I was doing what was best and to make sure I was always okay. She had tips and tricks to get through the tough parts and reminded me to cherish the good moments. I can honestly say Analyn contributed to a beautiful 18 month breastfeeding relationship with my son and I will forever be grateful

-Katie Peters


Can’t say enough positive about this woman, and all that she is/does/is capable of. Analyn fit our doula criteria to a “T”, and then some, for being knowledgable, passionate, confident, reliable and unbiasedly supportive. Also important was her character. She happens to be hugely likeable, and easy to be around, whether you envision needing a calm presence, a good laugh to lighten the mood, or kind and firm reassurance. Analyn was the perfect match for us.

We are so glad we took her up on her postpartum services as well, and it was a joy to watch her comfortably working away in our home cooking, cleaning, organizing with such ease, as well as making friends with our toddler. I highly recommend her! Look no further.

THANK YOU Analyn for being a part of our lil’ guys story!!!

-Carolyn Paterson