I have a partner, why do I need a doula too?

You have the partner that reads all the books, that comes to all the appointments and wants to be hands on the whole time. You might ask yourself, “if I already have so much support from my partner, why do I need a doula too”

Doulas are experts om birth while your partner is an expert on you.

I LOVE supportive partners. I love partners that want to rub backs, catch baby and cut the cord. I encourage all partners to be as involved and supportive as they want to be. Part of my job is to help your birth partner look good. What I mean by that is I will often get the water, get the ice, make sure the straw is ready, and then hand it over so that your support person is the one giving you that drink of water. I’ll show the most effective way to hip squeeze, touch, I’ll help partners find their own way to comfort.  The great part is because I’m the one running for the water and wash cloths your partner gets to stay right with you the whole time. They get to be MORE supportive because a doula is there to handle all the nitty gritty and background stuff.

Not to mention doulas are for dads to. We also make sure the partner is caffeinated, hydrated and fed.  I don’t now how many coffee runs I have done for the support person. Or how often in a longer birth I have encouraged rest, and they are able to do so because they know there is constant support.  As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. In order for your support person to support you they also need someone to look out for them. All too often the partners needs are left to the wayside while all attention is on the birthing person. The partner is a part of the process too and needs care as well as guidance sometimes on what birth looks, sounds and smells like.

I really love this blog that goes into a deeper look how how doulas benefit partners.



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