Baby Box


I am excited to be the Baby Box Distributor on the Coast.


What is the Baby Box?

The Baby Box Company is a global initiative to equip parents with the vital education and resources needed to give babies a safe, healthy and equitable start in life.

Most parents use their Baby Box as a safe spot for baby to sleep at night. These parents generally keep their Baby Box right next to their bed.

Other parents use the Baby Box as a place for baby to relax or nap during the day; they often keep the Baby Box in the kitchen or living room and use it while they are in that room. Baby can rest safely while mom and dad are busy cooking, folding laundry, taking care of other kids, and so on. Once baby is too big for the Baby Box, it can be re-purposed as a storage box for toys, as a keepsake chest, or as a fun educational upcycling project!

Want you FREE box? All you have to do is register through the link below and then email me a copy of your certificate. I will then contact you to set up a time for pick up/drop off. It’s that easy!

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