Hospital Stays and Breastfeeding Baby

Nothing is more stressful than when your baby is sick.

Breastfeeding can help  you and baby in so many ways. From providing comfort, to keep baby hydrated to the boosted immunity benefits  Here are some tips to make medical procedures and hospital stays a little bit easier.

Breastfeed as much as you can, especially during procedures

There can be a lot of concern about Baby becoming dehydrated. Fortunately while most babies may not take food or liquid when they are sick, many will continue to breastfeed.  It can be such a huge source of relief  knowing that during a time where you might feel pretty helpless that there is something you can actively do to help your baby get better. Not to mention how much easier it is to get a baby lay still during all the poking and prodding if they are  nursing.  Many care providers will even suggest and help you nurse during medical procedures.

 Drink lots of water

See #1. You’re baby is going to want to nurse. A LOT! You’re going to want your baby to nurse a lot. Even if you think your being a pain, ask someone to bring you water. Ask the nurse, your partner, even a DR! You’re no good to your baby if you aren’t good to yourself. One of the best ways and most simple ways to boost supply is drinking enough fluids.

Ask for Help

Call your family, friends, that person that always offers to help and take them up on it! You will be tired, stressed and your only job is to nurse and comfort your baby. People WANT to help. Ask for a meal train to be set up, that visitors bring coffee and a fresh change of clothes for you, whatever will help you stay relaxed.

Has your baby ever been hospitalized? What helped during your stay?

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