Your Hospital Bag

A big question a lot of moms ask is what should I pack in my hospital bag?


I am a planner and an over packer so trying to narrow down what I needed proved to be very difficult. I can tell you though that while having a hospital bag is great, there’s not a lot you really need, that the hospital won’t have or that someone can’t grab for you after. What you want and what you use will also largely depend on how your birth goes. Being induced or having a c-section can mean you use things that you wouldn’t it you have a quick birth and recovery.

I’m also separating this into 3 bags. 1 for you, 1 for your support person and 1 for baby.

Your Bag

  • Clothes to Birth in. This can be anything from a nursing bra to a t-shirt. Did you know you don’t have to give birth in the hospital gown? As long as you have easy access to your back for a epidural should you want one you can wear your own clothes or your own gown. Just make sure it’s something you’re ok getting ruined.
  • Socks
  • Hair Elastics
  • Lip balm
  • Unscented lotion (you never know if a certain smell with bother you in birth)
  • Bathing suit top if you want to get in the shower or tub
  • Nursing tanks or bras
  • Clothes to come home in
  • Breastfeeding Pillow
  • Nursing Pads
  • Toiletries
  • Birth Preferences
  • Depends (the hospital will give you mesh undies, people love or hate them. I found depends to be the best)

If you’re being induced or having a c-section you may want some items to keep you busy. A book, your tablet or some music.

Partner Bag

  • Change for vending machine
  • Snacks
  • Phone Charger
  • Camera
  • Bathing Suit in case mom wants your support in the shower

Baby Bag

  • Blankets. The hospital provides these but you may want your own
  • Clothes for baby 2-3 sleepers or outfits
  • Car seat

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